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HOHO covers 19 tourist spots and more than 120 nearby places of interest. In this section we bring you upclose to these fascinating hidden gems of Delhi.

Delhi Zoo (B)


15 Mins Walk from HOHO Bus stop(A)at Purana Qila Bus stop.

The Delhi Zoo or National Zoological Park located next to Purana Qila houses over one thousand varieties of animals, reptiles and birds. It also has nearly all varieties of deer found in the country. The White Tiger from Rewa, The Elephant, who plays a harmonica and The Leopard, are some of its highlights apart from the many endangered species of India seen in this National Zoological Park.

Said to be one of the better laid out Zoological Parks of the country, Delhi Zoo is also a favorite destination of the migratory birds. Every Year during the winters the large lake at the entrance of Delhi zoo is thronged with numerous visitors including Storks, Ducks and other migratory water birds.

The best way to explore The Delhi Zoological Park is on foot; though battery operated vehicles are also available for nominal charges. The whole zoo can be seen in 2 hours time provided they follow the guiding arrow signs placed in the park.

Open on all days except Friday.
Indian citizen: INR 10 / Foreigner: INR 50

Camera: No Charges/ Video Camera : Rs 50

In your next Delhi outing do visit Delhi Zoo. Feel free to ask our onboard HOHO Guides in case of any query.
Hope you like this post let me know what all you would like to know before your great Delhi Tour :) Plan your Sightseeing now & book a hop on hop off sightseeing tour

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