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How to reach from Delhi Airport or Railway Stations to Hotel Safely- Without Getting Scammed!

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My hotel transfer in Delhi You are all set to visit New Delhi, India for the First time ( I am guessing though, Am I right?)  You are excited! I know. After all you have waited for this long. By know your Itinerary, tour Plan, your hotels & tours are all ready or almost a dream it's all going to be true soon. Isn't it ? hehe...but...wait a minute...."What about Hotel-Transfer?"

Entering India and not expecting to come across a scam is unimaginable (sadly). Not mean to shock you though, not my intention. But, It's imperative you acquaint and equip yourself about know-hows after you exit the airport terminal or the Railway Station in Delhi, to avoid any pitfalls. (that's my intention :)

You are going to learn:
  • Various Hotel Transfer Options & Which One Fits Your Needs Best
  •  Where to Look for Prepaid or Radio Taxis after exiting Airport & Railway Stations
  • Transfer Fares
  • Cautions
Here we go. 
Hotel Transfer Option No. 1

Pre-Paid Taxi/Delhi-Traffic Police Prepaid Booths
One of the preferred ways to reach Hotel from Delhi International/Domestic Airport & Railway Station. This is Safe, hassle free way, No negotiation on fare required, simply pay and reach your Hotel. Comparatively cheaper to Radio Taxi. Should suit you if reaching safe & sound at a comparatively low cost is what you are looking for.

Availability: 24x7

Where to Look For

As soon as you exit from the terminal, head right to locate Prepaid taxi Counter.

Transfer Fare

They have different rates based on the distance of the location of your hotel. For instance, if it's Connaught Place the Fare is around Rs 300 (please do check existing rates). 

Night Charges: 25%  extra

  1.  Beware of the touts waiting at the exit of the airport to rip you off, asking you to hire a cab from them.
  2.  Beware of "Pre-paid Taxi Scam better known as "Rs 500
    . Yea! no matter how interesting it sounds, many first time visitors have been duped by this trick. In Nutshell the scam is, you hand over Rs 500 Note to pay for the fare at the counter and they swap it with Rs 100 note and say,"
    I need 500 not 100" Read More here.
  3. Many Times the Driver would pretend that they do not know the way or the Hotel is closed so that they could take you to another Hotel for earning Commission.

Hotel Transfer Option No. 2
Radio Taxi

AC Cabs with English speaking Drivers (mostly) a little costly compared to prepared taxi, but worth it's while. One of the most popular ways to reach Hotel from Delhi International/Domestic Airport. This is completely Safe and hassle free way, without any doubt. Should fit your need, if Comfort along with safety is what you are looking for.

Availability: 24x7

Where to Look For
As soon as you exit from the terminal, the first row of cabs that you would see are Radio taxis. You can also find counters at both domestic and international airport. Easy Cabs, Meru Cabs can offer you AC cabs.

Transfer Fare

They charge by the kilometer, Rs 20 per km.

Night Charges: 25% extra

Cautions - None
  1.  No bad experience sighted or heard. Carefree way to travel :)
Hotel Transfer Option No. 3

Delhi Metro Airport Express
Delhi Metro Airport Express

Excellent Service! Total Comfort, Fast, Saves Time.  Available every 20 mins. Travel Time 18 mins from Airport to New Delhi Railway Staion ( for hotels in Paharganj )

Route Map to locate your Hotel  (CLICK

Availability: 5:30 am to 11:00 pm

Where to Look For

For International Airport: terminal 3 Station
For Domestic Airport: Delhi Aerocity Station 

Transfer Fare

Price anywhere between Rs 120-Rs 150. (CLICK for latest fare) if your hotel happen to be in Connaught Place or Paharganj Location.
Cautions - None

Tourists are all praise for this service since its inception in  2011

Hotel Transfer Option No. 4

Private Hotel Transfer
Just check with your hotel if they provide Hotel Transfer. Comparatively expensive, From Rs 1200-Rs 2500 depending on the class of hotel.

Hotel Transfer Option No. 5

Bus Available at a frequency of 30 minutes and every one hour in off peak hours.

Connectivity : Airport - Connaught Place - New Delhi Railway Staions 
Where to Look For

Terminal 3 DTC Bus Stop , especially for airport transfer

Transfer Fare

Price anywhere between Rs 100-Rs 150. (Check latest fares )

Cautions - None

Hop On Hop Off Bus Delhi Sightseeing
Delhi Tour for Transit Visitors:  

Just in case you are Transiting Delhi - and you have nothing much to do at Airport/Railway Station rather than killing time. You can come to HOHO Office at Baba Kharak Singh marg, Connaught Place using any of the above means, and take a quick 3-4 Hrs Sightseeing Tour of Delhi. 

      Choose your Nearest HOHO Bus Stop

         Call 011-40940000 (8 am - 8pm)  

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