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Are we ready for Delhi summers? 5 tips for traveling in Delhi during summers

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Yea, the Heat is On in Delhi..and Glen Frey's Famouns Number is not helping either. (LOL!)
See Delhi's 19+ Sightseeing & 100+ nearby places with HOHO Bus Photobucket As the Summers engulfs Delhi with it's Mighty Heat Waves. I thought it would be a good idea to share a few smart tips to beat the defamed hot weather of Delhi. Delhi is a place where every day thousands of travelers visit regardless of tourism season or not. Delhi Being the capital of India bound to attract a lot of visitors. Foreigners who are not used to hot weather are required to take more precautions while visiting Delhi in March to August period.
I have myself lived in Delhi for more than seven years or so and hence, am fully familiar with the temper of Delhi weather and how to overcome it successfully. In today's post I am going to show you some useful tips to travel in Delhi during the hot summer months. You will come to know what to carry, what to wear, what to eat, which places to visit, some quick do's and don't & one little secret to travel by HOHO Bus during summers in Delhi.
5 smart tips to beat the heat while traveling in Delhi.

1.Make sure to carry light colored cotton clothes like pants, and half sleeved shirts. Also, make sure to carry white or light colored cap to protect your head from hot sun. The suitable sunglasses also should not be forgotten. Wear comfortable light lather shoes.Try to carry good quality deodorants with you to prevent heavy perspiration and foul body odor.

2.Consume a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Make sure to carry mineral water with you all the time during the sightseeing or roaming around in city. Buy them in bulk if you have too if you are planning to stay for few days in Delhi. Also, make sure to buy only perfectly sealed bottles.Carrying of fresh lemon juice with you in the water bottle for daily consumption can be a very good idea.
3.Avoid traveling during the hot afternoon hours from 12 noon to 5 pm. Always keep your head covered with the cap. The eyes also must be covered with the sunglasses, while moving out. The sunscreen lotions also can be used while moving out during hot hours. Photobucket
4.Consume lots of juicy fruits like water melons, oranges, and apples during your stay. The salad of onion and raw mangoes must be consumed daily during every lunch and the dinner to avoid sun stroke. Avoid consuming hard alcoholic drinks.If needed, the light beers and the gin mixed with lemonade can be consumed. in fact, you can go for Delhi's famous kulfi faluda, see the pic, tastes heavenly :) to know more check out my previous post ,you can also Shikanji to keep yourself cool 

5.Plan the visit to gardens and parks in the morning & evening hours to feel the cool environment. Visit Hauz khas Lake, India Gate, Delhi Zoo, Lotus Temlple all have water bodies nearby.


HOHO Bus Little Secret to Beat the heat

Now as promised I would let you know one little secret to travel by HOHO Buses.
One of the best thing about HOHO Buses is that it's a state of the art AC Bus,once you purchase the ticket which only costs Rs 300, no body would ask you to leave the AC Bus from 8:30am - 7:30 pm as long as you carry the ticket.
Bus & onboard guide would continue to show you the 19 popular sightseeing places of Delhi for you. What better way to chill out, but to enjoy & relax in a moving AC Bus & see the sights of Delhi at the same time for as long as you wish. Not to forget the same ticket would be valid for second day too without any extra cost. Take a glimpse of the AC HOHO Bus in the video below right now

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