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6 Things to Turn Your Delhi Visit During Monsoon Awesome

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Probably you are here because you are planning a visit or may be an unavoidable visit to Delhi during monsoon, (no pun intended). Are you nervous, skeptical about it?

If you don't already know July-August is considered possibly the worst time of the year to be visiting Delhi and not just Delhi but other famous tourist places like Agra and Jaipur. Many would advice you to avoid Delhi as it is HOT and after the monsoons set in it can be extremely humid too.

Many times this is the only time to have a vacation with your family, that's a familiar case with families living in USA, Canada. Unfortunately school summer break (June-Aug) is the only time when it's possible to go out on a vacation if not now, then it's very much unlikely to go again any time in the foreseeable future.

I would say, "see Glass as Half Full and not half empty." Here are some great ways to make your Delhi visit Awesome during Monsoon!

6 Things to Turn Your Delhi Visit During Monsoon Awesome

1) Honey..where is the AC?

First thing first, I am sure you don't want to soak in sweat in a Hotel room because Air-Conditioner is not effective. Delhi can be both Hot and Humid. If it's a budget hotel, please ensure it is centrally Air Conditioned or rooms are furnished with Air Conditioners in Good Working Condition. Also ensure hotel has good power back up. You can find many good hotels in budget category in Karolbagh, Paharganj.

2) Foot Wear with  Holes (Crocs)

Crocs are practical footwear as you can wash them under the tap after every trip, but don't run in them or you risk slipping and landing with full force in a puddle of mud.

What you want in the monsoon is a foot-wear that you can wash in the shower and dries quickly, and also offer good toe protection.

3.Click, Click, Click

When Monsoon is in it's full flow in Delhi and soaks the whole city wet, this is the best time for Photographers to go out for an photographic expedition Colors tend to brighten more in monsoon. All the monuments, shopping markets take a different dimension.

Some of the best place to try your hand for photography are India Gate, Qutab Minar, Garden of 5 senses and in and around Mehrauli complex. It might not be a bad idea to take a walk in the vast Archeological Park just behind the Qutub
The Hauz Khas Complex including the Madrassa, the Tughlak Tomb and the Lake are also very appropriate places to visit.

4. Going Agra- Stay Overnight at least

There will be rain in Delhi and Agra, but it doesn't always rain all day long. There are some wet spells but there are also dry days or days with just a little rain. 

In my experience Taj Mahal looks even more magnificent, specially if it's cloudy. Most of the visitors based in Delhi often make it a day trip. However, I believe it is better to stay overnight in Agra and visit the magnificent Taj Mahal early morning, it opens at 7 am, which will get you through before the heat reaches it's peak. Book Yor Agra Taj Mahal Tour.  

5. Raindrops are falling on my head

I personally very much look forward to monsoon. In fact monsoon season is really fun. My heart says- go out and dance in the rain in the streets with my friends and get soaked. When you visit here, you should at least give yourself a chance to take a walk at India Gate in rain. It is the most wonderful thing.

6) Final Tips

Some final tips- I would suggest you to carry mosquito spray, sunglasses, sun-cream, an umbrella etc. Drink plenty of fluid  & bring cotton clothes. It is going to be a hot, so bring cooling clothes and a small head umbrella or rain coat, just in case you find yourself caught in the rain . 

Rain in Delhi is no different to rain anywhere else. So chill out and make the most out of it.

Also read: Climate of Delhi 

How can you make your Delhi visit Awesome during monsoon? Share your ideas in the comments below

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