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12 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sightseeing Bus Tours by Delhi Tourism

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Delhi City has been in News for not so good reasons lately. Travel Scams are so common; Tourists are tricked by the Taxi or Auto Rickshaw Drivers, Nexus of Touts not missing a single chance to rip you off. Delhi is the entry point to all the foreign visitors and so they are most vulnerable to be duped by Tricksters.
Travel Blogs and Forums filled with Bad experiences, warnings and tips to survive in Delhi. Tourists like You & me would "Love to Hate Delhi, but Cannot Ignore Delhi". Statistics confirm this; more than 20 million tourists visited Delhi in 2012 (by Ministry of Tourism). Delhi will always remain in the Tour Itinerary of every visitor to India for its magnificently rich culture, history and traditions.

“A visit to Delhi should not only be memorable but also Safe and Scam-Free”. Committed to this idea, Delhi Tourism launched a reliable, tourist Friendly Hop On Hop Off Bus for Delhi Sightseeing in 2010. Probably, you are planning a visit to Delhi soon and looking for a safe and reliable Sightseeing service, then read on. 

In the following post I will put across 12 facts about Delhi Tourism’s Sightseeing Bus Service that can make your Delhi Tour Safe, Scam Free and Memorable one.  Each and every point has been amply supported by Actual Tourists reviews on Tripadvisor! 

1)    Hop On Hop Off Concept
Hop On Hop Off Delhi Concept

Harish Manna from New Delhi says, “ I like most is the concept that You can get down at any stop and can spent as much time you feel. You can catch ANY bus whose frequency is every 45 minutes. So no need to rush and catch the bus. Basically this idea comforts the entire tour by skipping some points and staying back at some points.” 

Sree from Trivandrum adds, “The hoho bus is an excellent idea as you have the freedom to explore a place as long as you want. Or you can skip a place if not interested.
In London, Rome, New York, Paris and many cities - Hop On Hop Off Bus for Local Sight-seeing has always been the most preferred choice. Tourists are simply loving it.

2)  Delhi Tourism’s Official bus for Delhi Sightseeing 

DelhiTourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) is an undertaking of the Government of Delhi, has been promoting tourism since 1975. It launched Hop on Hop off (HOHO) Bus Service in Delhi to facilitate tourism. You can TRUST HOHO, because it’s an Official Local Sightseeing service form Delhi Tourism. 

3)   Completely Safe for Female Travelers?
HOHO bus Delhi Female Safety

Swati from New Delhi says, “Great experience. would advise this for all! good guides and well-covered tour. The cost of the tour is reasonable and suits all pockets. The tour is safe and can be taken without any fear.

ITravel travelling with her daughter says, “ I never felt more secure  
-wide transparent windows(without blinds),uniformed and courteous staff and the bus route that cut through the busy sections of the city,and hardly across any deserted areas.

4)    No more hassle of bargaining with Taxi and Auto
No more hassle of bargaining with Taxi and Auto

Ariel from Roma says, “HOHO Bus service saves you from the usual discussion with the drivers auto-rikshaw, the various bargaining on the price and you go in peace.” Delhi Tourism is committed to provide you with a hassle free Sightseeing Service. Ticket Fares are Government approved and very reasonable for the Quality of service provided.

Stefano from California adds, “Given the state of public transportation, road signals and weather in Delhi, this service is perfect. It allows you to visit the best sites without wasting time bargaining for prices with cab drivers, figuring out the directions to the site and without having to be squished between people in the subway.

Remember, No more bargaining. It’s as simple as Paying and enjoying your tour with complete Peace of Mind

5)    Would not take you to Commissioned Shops, Selling at Astronomical Prices? 

No to High Priced Commissioned Shops

Evargentina from Argentina says, “The city tour of many Tour Operators are misleading as, they only end up taking you to places to buy things (and obviously taking home a commission selling you things at astronomical prices), do not show anything about the city.

This has been a common problem among all the tourists. Delhi Tourism’s Bus service has no tie ups with any commissioned shops. It has a very Clear idea about its service that is to provide you with a Clean and Quality Hop On Hop Off Service.

6)    Punctual Service 
HOHO Bus USP: Time Punctuality

     Pablo from Uruguay says, “The buses are very punctual and spend exactly the time they are scheduled by the different stops and considering the traffic in Delhi, that's saying something.

     Delhi is known for many things and one of them is Traffic, It is an operational challenge to run Hop On Hop Off bus service with Punctual timings. Thanks to the Professionally Driven management that, Time punctuality has been its USP since 2010. 

     Vishnu from New Delhi adds, “This is a very good initiative by the Delhi Tourism, and the concept is very tourist-friendly. The bus service takes you around the major attractions in Delhi, and drops you off where ever you want. After your sightseeing, you can just hop onto the subsequent buses by just showing your day's sightseeing ticket. The buses were punctual, with some arriving upto 5 mins earlier than the scheduled time, and they do wait till the scheduled departure time”.
7)   Helpful Staff & Customer Support TeamHelpful Staff & Customer Support Team, HOHO Bus

       Wrld_Travel from Chicago says, “I was having a hard time finding the HOHO Bus stop by the , I called the helpline and he had the two tour people get off the bus and look for me. Talk about helpful!” 

    That being just one of the several incidents which the customer support team & its team handles as a daily routine.   
   Philly Joan from Thailand says, “really really great service and the buses are very clean new and aircondictioned with very helpful people on board, very worth it!”.

    8)    Very Cheap and Reasonable Fare!
Very Cheap and Reasonable Fare

TravellerBang from Bangalore says, “I just had a weekend in Delhi and upon enquiry found that Hop On Hop Off (HOHO) is one of the ways to explore this great old city. I should say that I was overwhelmed by the service of HOHO, a Great Value for Money”. HOHO Bus an Initiative of Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation,(DTTDC) Government of Delhi. It Follows Govt. Approved Rates. 

Keeping in view the overall features like Air Conditioned bus, Onboard Guide, Availability of Monument Entry Tickets to Skip the Queue, etc and the overall quality of Service like Time Punctuality, Awesome Commentary by Qualified Guides and much, much more, the price is very reasonable. Rs *300 (Adult) Only! Compared to other Sightseeing Services this is very Reasonable. Won’t you Agree?

Child Ticket is based on height criteria of upto 3 feet. Fare would be half. In case of infant – Zero Fare, up to 2 years age.

9)  Short on Time? Hop On to HOHO Bus! 

Transiting Delhi? Hop On to HOHO Sightseeing Bus

     Are you short on time? Are you just transiting Delhi and have half a day or so with you. I suggest its best not to kill time at Railway Stations or Airports and rather hop on to HOHO Bus and get a quick Panoramic View of this Historic City in about 3 Hrs. 
    So Next time you are transiting Delhi, just Hop on Delhi Tourism Bus. You can locate your Nearest HOHO Bus Stop here. You might find this post useful as well. 

10)  Clean, Air-Conditioned Bus for Total Comfort
Comfortable HOHO AC Buses

Jim B from Indiana says, “It was 115 degrees during our visit in June. The HoHo gave us an opportunity to see the significant sights of the city in the confines of an air conditioned bus. I'd recommend this as a first step during a visit. You can then go back and visit the sites of interest for a more detailed look.” Delhi Summers can be torturous, No kidding! It’s a sigh of relief everytime you hop on to HOHO bus after exploring a tourist attraction.

To tell you the truth, Air Conditioners work so good, that we have seen tourists not hopping off at any of the place, and they just prefer sitting in the comfort of cool ambiance  taking a panoramic view of Delhi city from Big windows of buses !!

HOHO Buses has always been praised for it’s Cleanliness and Air Conditioner always working in good condition, especially when compared to other Public Transport running in Delhi.    

11)   Free Change of Guard Ceremony at President House 
Free Change of Guard Ceremony at President House with HOHO Bus

   Sumit2013 from New Delhi says, “Used the service to explore the attractions around Delhi. Very convenient, fast and good service by the Guest Service Associates. Great Job!! Also the change of Guard ceremony at the Presidential Palace on Saturday morning thrown in complimentary was great. Thanks to the whole team.

Delhi Tourism’s HOHO Bus service introduced in 2013 a great opportunity to Witness the Change of Guard Ceremony at President House, without any extra charges to its customers. A great show by the President’s Body guard 

12)  Skip the Queues at World Heritage Sites
Skip the Queues at World Heritage Sites

Did you know that now you can save time at world heritage monuments? Isn’t that a great relief! Rather than getting in queue in the scorching heat, you can simply buy entry tickets in advance from HOHO Counter and skip the queues to explore the World Heritage Monuments.

HOHO provides entry ticket to Red Fort, Humayun Tomb and Qutub Minar onboard for Indian nationals and at HOHO Counter, Baba Kharak Singh Marg for Non-Indian Nationals. 

Click to BOOK NOW OR CALL  011-40940000

Did you find the information helpful. Do you have any question to ask?  Please feel free to put across suggestions or queries in the comment section below.

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