Valentine's Day in Delhi #Day of Love

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Lodhi Garden - A Date to Remember ( Image by: Koshy)
February beyond any doubt the most cherished time of the year - the day is bright, the wind is neither too cold nor too warm- just the perfect soft breeze to kindle the romance. As they say - "love is in the air"..Delhi is unquestionably the place to be.

Delhi Offers bundles of avenues for the romantics, specially in Valentine's month.

Romantic Picnic
Lodhi Garden Restaurant

Delhi offers a myraid of breathtaking options for a intimate picnic for couple. If you are looking for a date with nature & Delhi's heritage together, far from otherwise crowded, dusty city -  Lodhi Garden is the perfect place to spend a relaxing time admiring nature. The surrounding tombs give incredible character to the place. Another good thing about the garden, can you believe it? Pizza delivery at the gate! (Click to Tweet)

Ok ! So your purse is heavy and you want to splurge more! Surprise her, go to  picturesque "Lodhi Garden Restaurant"

Nearest HOHO Stop: Safdarjung Tomb

And if you are planning to take your love to somewhere more Majestic, you have two spectacular options. 

Humayun Tomb's Mughal Garden
Humayuns Tomb's Mughal Garden 
Nearest HOHO Stop : Humayn's Tomb

and Rashtrapati Bhawan's Mughal Garden
Nearest HOHO Stop : National Museum
Mughal Garden- Rashtrapti Bhawan
So What do you think won't it be cool enough to make your Valentine special! Enjoy the never-ending views as the sun sets over the monuments! 

By the way, you can pull your picnic blanket at all the places mentioned except Rashtrapti Bhawan, can't expect to open one there, right? 

What did you just say? Your Love is more of a "Food Lover". No problem! Read on.

Food Lovers Paradise  
Delhi offers you plethora of options to spoil your beloved. Making Valentine's Day in Delhi perfect is difficult though, with so many wonderful eating zones to choose from. 

Are you a adventurous kind? Then venture into a food-expedition to Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi. You can choose from mutiple food outlets, some of the famous food outlets are:

For Chaat & Dahi Bhalla - Natraj and Balaji Chaat Bhandar (Click to tweet)
Natraj Dahi Bhalla

For Samosa-Jalebi, Old Famous - Samosa & Jalebi Wala (Click to Tweet)
Old Famous - Samosa & Jalebi Wala ( Image source: )

For Paratha, Gali  Parathe Wali  (Click to Tweet)

Gali Parathe Wali - Image :

For Kachauri - Nai-Sarak (Click to Tweet)
Kachauri - Nai Sarak, Image:

For Rabri-Falooda - Gyani's Rabri Falooda (Click to Tweet)
Gyani's Rabri Falooda

Looking for something Non-veg?

Welcome to the macca of Mughali Food! Just behind Jama-Masjid, two of the very best restaurants in its league.

Al-jawahar and Karim restaurant. (Click to Tweet)
Karims Restaurant- Already Featured in TIMES Magazine

Nearest HOHO Stop: Red Fort for all the above. 
Looking for something special in Connaught Place? Then go to Kake Da Dhaba, popular for Butter-Chicken or go to Sarvana Bhavan at Janpath, loved for it's South-Indian delicacies. 

Sarvana Bhawan
  Nearest HOHO Stop: Baba Kharak Singh Marg, C.P

Looking for something bit more sophisticated..then go to Pandara Road, opposite India Gate popular for all kinds of cuisines especially Punjabi Food.

Pandara road Restaurant - Image: Tripadvisor
 Nearest HOHO Stop: National Gallery of Modern Art

Want to Save some money? 
after all, a lot of splurging is ahead of you on the Valentine day itself ;)
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