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Top 10 Must Try Food When in Delhi

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Let's discuss what to do when you go hungry at Delhi. You have a variety of options . Check them out and try the ones that you feel will make your day.

1. Chaat

With a variety of mouth watering and delicious combinations and options available this one street food is something no one can afford to miss. This is in fact one of the grubs of the capital which keeps the food scene here alive. The very famous Chaat is a part of the street food of Delhi which is somehow mingled with the life and culture of the place since ages. Chandni Chowk is the place where this item is available in its various heavenly avatars. A few famous places to have the dish are- Bittu tikki wala of Karol Bagh, Daulat ki chaaat of Chandni Chowk and UPSC building on Shahjahan Road.

Best Chaat in Delhi
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2. Paranthas

A dish which very successfully transforms itself according to the need of the hour be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or a late night snack. Most of the people in Delhi are used to having it as breakfast. Office and college goers keep having it when hungry and everybody simply loves it. It is available in its simple plain form or with a variety of stuffing’s like egg, radish, potato, cauliflower and keema etc. However whatever's the filling inside one thing is for sure that it keeps you craving for more. The yummiest varieties are found at Moolchand Parathewale of South Delhi and Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk.

Paranthas in Delhi
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3. Kebabs

A legacy of the Mughuls this is a non vegetarian wonder for which not only the Delhiites but all non vegetarian food lovers across the country feel indebted to them. Basically chunks of meat, chicken or fish mixed with a plethora of rich Indian spices and then grilled or baked and offered hot on a platter. There is reason to believe that Kebabs of Delhi are one of the best in the country. From food stalls to posh restaurants this dish is made available everywhere so you can enjoy the dish to your heart's content and keep coming back for more. Ghalib Kebab Corner of Nizamuddin, Salim's Kebabs of Khan Market, Ustad Moinuddin Kebabs of Lal Kuan are some of the well known places worth visiting  for this dish.

Kebabs in Delhi
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4. Chole Bhature

One of the top dishes of Delhi, it is a must try for everyone. Very rich and spicy and the Punjabis like it this way and is extremely popular as breakfast across the city. So naturally it is readily available in all local as well as top and middle tier restaurants in the city. You can have this lovely delicacy anytime, anywhere whenever you feel pangs of hunger. Lassi is made available with it most of the time which makes the dish even more desirable. Some of the well known joints for this food item are Chache Di Hatti of Kamalanagar and Sitaram Diwan Chand of Paharganj.

Chole Bhature in Delhi
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5. Butter Chicken

Another very popular dish of Delhi is Butter Chicken. This dish was accidentally discovered by the cooks of Moti Mahal Restaurant in the year 1950 and now it is hugely popular across the country too. The gravy and spicy chicken dish is available at any good restaurant or in any Dhaba anywhere in the city. Butter chicken is best enjoyed with plain rice or Naan with it. The best place to savor the dish is obviously Moti Mahal of Daryaganj.

Butter Chicken in Delhi
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6. Biryani

Another legacy of the Mughuls by way of food items is Biryani. This delicacy is available in both non-vegetarian and vegetarian forms but mutton ,chicken or egg Biryani flavored with special Indian spices are what people refer to when they say Biryani. Actually the non- vegetarian form pampers the taste buds more and gives you royal pleasure. This dish can be had anywhere in commercial chain outlets or dhabas or star hotels. One well known place to have the delicacy is Deez Biryani and Kebabs of Defense colony. Prankster and Kebab Gali both of Gurgaon and Al Jawahar near Jama Masjid are also great places to have the dish.

Biryani in Delhi
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7. Rolls

This fast food known as Kathi Roll for busy folks on the go has originated in Kolkata but a great variety of this can be found in Delhi too. It being one of the most famous street foods in Delhi many variants are available. You can easily find it in almost all famous or not-so-famous non vegetarian restaurants of Delhi. Many types of rolls are found in street stalls too. So you don't have to worry about availability. You can try Kathi Rolls at Khan Chacha of Khan Market or Nizam's of Connaught Place also.

Kanthi Rolls in Delhi
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8. Momos

A dish from the North East, this one is an all time favorite with Delhiites. The original taste of this dish is supposed to be very spicy and chilly and that is exactly what you get at a place called Dilli Haat near INA metro station. Here the Nagaland stall, the Sikkim stall and Momo Mia of Arunachal Pradesh serve the best momos in the city. The spiciest of chutneys or a specially made spicy tomato sauce come along with the dish which will make you ask and come back for more. You can also try this dish at other good joints like Dolma Aunty of Lajpat Nagar ,and QD's of South Campus.

Momos in Delhi
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9. Nihari

Another signature dish of Delhi, Old Delhi to be precise is Nihari, originating from the royal kitchens of the Mughuls it is now available in most non-vegetarian outlets. A meat dish, It is supposed to be a great source of energy and that's why it is used as morning food for laborers who need a lot of energy at the beginning of the day. A stew of turmeric chilies and spices the mutton chunks in Nihari are very soft and almost melt in the mouth. Jawahar hotel and Karim's near Jama Masjid are well known eateries where you can try it.

Nihari in Delhi
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10. Desserts

Delhi is very famous for its sweet dishes too. Hot Jalebi, delicious Rabri Falooda, sweet Lassi, various forms of innovative Kulfi, Motichoor Ladoo made of pure Ghee ,you name it -you can choose from an extensive variety of desserts to satiate your desire for sweets. At Chandni Chowk you will find famous names like Ghantawala Halwai, Giani di Hatti , Jalebiwala where you can try out any of these desserts.

Hot Jalebi
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Since HOHO the hop on hop off bus service timings cover more or less since early morning to evening, so getting off somewhere to have a meal is not so difficult. A stop like Dilli Haat is a good place to try a few delicacies of the city. Since you will get around 40 to 45 minutes for the next HOHO bus to pick you up it is solely at your discretion to prolong your tenure at a place by missing a bus or two and venture out somewhere to grab a dish you fancy.

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